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M/s   Nix Chemicals & fertilizers Pvt.Ltd is a  sister concern  of  M/s Panchganga  Agro Industries, a firm  which has established itself in the market for last 9 years as a manufacturer and marketer of fertilizers and giving farm related assistance to the farmers throughout the state of Maharashtra. M/s   Nix Chemicals & fertilizers Pvt.Ltd  proposes to shortly set up an independent unit for the manufacture of fertilizer in the Hatkanagale Taluka .In the meantime  the company is in the process of  introducing a new concept called   NIX KISSAN CLUB to mitigate the various problems faced by the farming community and for which we solicit your support to make this venture a grand success.      

              The main aim of club would be  transfer of  technology from lab to the farmers  in the field of agriculture and allied activities. The  club when   launched will provide the member farmers  with all modern infrastructure / scientific and extension ,personal and demonstration plots,  provide  training and exposure to farmers on land and water testing, selection of crops, diversification of crops, inter & mixed cropping, water management, integrated pest management, organic farming & improved agricultural practices as well as in the fields of allied activities such as dairy, poultry, goat farming, dry land horticulture and food processing,  besides assistance to conduct various training programs and one to one  meet with experts in the field of agriculture for a more improved and improvised agricultural production.


Soil Testing- Supply of free of cost - water analysis, soil analysis and leaf and petiole analysis once in a year.
Change in cropping pattern:
Once the club is established we will encourage our members to change the cropping pattern from single cropping to multiple cropping for which necessary training and guidance will be provided to the members from experts in the field.
Training and Demonstration:
Training and demonstration plays a crucial role in disseminating technology. After the formation of the farmer’s club we will provide  around five training sessions and four agri demonstrations in a month on the following lines :
  Extension Training.
  Training on Incense Sticks for women under Spot and Support Programme
  Demonstration on Vermi Compost.
  Demonstration on Bio-pesticides ..
  Demonstration of collection of  soil samples
Considering the impacts of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on the general health and well being of the people we propose  to sensitise  the farmers on the ill effects of such chemicals and motivate them to use  Bio-fertilizers as well as Bio-pesticides which are environment friendly and effective in countering the negative effects of chemicals.
Almost all the farmers will be  covered under crop insurance, and accidental death insurance scheme through the Club. The Club will also  initiate steps to mobilize credit to meet unforeseen situations of the farmers. For perishable products due attention will be  given by the Club for quick marketing by  networking with the sellers in the nearby urban areas. Corpus fund will be  developed at the Club level to meet exigency  expenses of the farmer members.

Marketing of different crops is being undertaken by effective networking with selected traders of the area. This initiation will be  taken by the club to protect the farmer’s interest like profit and timely sale.

Supply of seed, fertilizers, pesticides at the lowest possible rates other than the market.


  Both members and non-member farmers will get opportunity to enhance their skill and efficiency in cultivation technology.
  Credit need of the farmers will be met with the linkage activities.
  Community Farming will be developed over 4 acres of lands.
  Double cropping and inter-cropping pattern introduced in the locality
  Socio-economic status of the farmers will be developed after the Club initiatives.
  Some of the farmer members will get opportunity to visit to areas outside the state where progressive farming is in vogue .
  Dowry prevention and drug free community movement will be initiated by the Club in the area.
  To motivate and encourage the farmers, every year prize will be given to a best farmer selected by the club on the basis of one’s activities and will be given at the time of the Special Birth Anniversary Meeting of the club.
  The farmers will get opportunities to attend district level and state level forums and their active participation will be recognized.
  The club will also organize cultural and spiritual events.
  Other community development activities like cleaning of ponds, drains, repairing of roads, community plantation, local forest protection etc will be initiated through participatory efforts.

Our proposed business Supporters will be 

  National Insurance Company Ltd. / Star Union Daichi Insurance Co.Ltd.
  Radio Mirchi.
  Green FM.
  Zilla Parishad Agriculture Department, Kolhapur.
  Department of Agriculture, Maharashtra.
To enable us to succeed in the venture we solicit the following support from the Agriculture department.
  To depute officials as and when required at the farmers mela ,meetings, seminars organized by the club to disseminate information regarding the farmer related activities.
  To permit us to put logo and name on all our publicity literature, hoardings advertisements and in the media.
  Please permit us to implement various agro-input related different schemes.

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NewsDear all NIX KISSAN CLUB Family Members, Kindly Note: 1.Please Update Correct Address in your Profile with correct Pin Code & Mobile Number also pan card Number, bank details is compulsory for better services... NO PANCARD NO PAYOUT...
a new concept called NIX KISSAN CLUB